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About Telšiai

Telšiai district lies in the north – west of Lithuania, on the middle Samogitia height. The district attracts not only by nature, but by the history, land culture, monuments of history, architecture and culture. Here you will find plenty of mounds, old cemeteries, mythological and sacred stones, nature objects. Telšiai is the capital of Samogitia, centre of circuit, diocese, culture and education. The city has been built on the seven hills, it nestles up to the beautiful Mastis lake, the city is proud of its old town (one of the seven Lithuanian protected old towns), Samogitians’ museum “Alka”, multitude of famous places and unique objects: St. Antanas Paduvietis cathedral with two central altars, the only one in Lithuania cubistic style orthodox church of St. Nicolaus, the remaining Yeshivah buildings. In the historic sources Telšiai has been mentioned since 1450. In 1791 king Stanislovas Augustas had bestowed Telšiai the rights and blazon of Magdeburg. Today the town occupies the 1637 ha territory. The population is around 33 thousand. In the city there have lived Vydūnas, I. Simonaitytė, Butkų Juzė, V. Mačernis, P. Genys, E. Cinzas.

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