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Excursions for groups

• The cathedral of St. Anthony from Padua (Katedros a. 2, Telšiai)
• Samogitians‘ museum “Alka“ (Muziejaus st. 31, Telšiai)
• A.Jonušas‘samogitian-japanese-chinese homestead-museum (Muziejaus st. 88, Telšiai)
• Rural museum of Samogitia
• Samogitians‘ king Ringaudas estate; in A.Gedvilas homestead (Ryškėnai)

• Telšiai town old town
• Telšiai yeshivah (Iždinės st.11, Telšiai)
• The cathedral of St. Anthony from Padua (Katedros a. 2, Telšiai)
• The first school of Telšiai town (Kalno st.1/Katedros a.3, Telšiai)
• Telšiai orthodox church of St. Nicolaus (Žalgirio st. 8, Telšiai)
• Džiuginėnai mound, Džiuginėnai estate (Džiuginėnai)

• Žvėrinčius (Laukstėnai)
• Pavirvytis estate (Pavirvytis)
• Exhibition of wooden sculptures in the folk artist P.Dužinskas‘s museum (Tryškiai)
• Kaunatava church of God‘s Providence (Kaunatava)
• Šatrija mountain (Pašatrija village)
• Biržuvėnai estate (Biržuvėnai)
• Rainiai memorial (massacre place, Rainiai chapel of martyrdom, Rainiai)

• Jomantai forest cognitive path (Viešvėnai sub district)
• Bishop M.Valančius‘ Residence (S.Daukanto st. 10 A, Varniai)
• Samogitian Diocese Museum (S.Daukanto st. 6, Varniai)
• Debesnai botanic path (Graužai village)
• Moteraitis mound (Pavandenė)
• The complex of St. Ann church (church, belfry, warehouse, the stations of a Cross path), the chapel, standing in the churchyard, Pavandenė)
• Sprūdė mound (Šaukštelis village)

• Rainiai memorial (massacre place, Rainiai chapel of martyrdom, Rainiai)
• Jomantai forest cognitive path (Viešvėnai sub district)
• Bishop M.Valančius‘ Residence (S.Daukanto st. 10 A, Varniai)
• Samogitian Diocese Museum (S.Daukanto st. 6, Varniai)
• Church of St. apostles Peter and Paul (M.Valančiaus st. 4, Varniai)
• Debesnai botanic path (Graužai village)

• Jomantai forest cognitive path (Viešvėnai sub district)
• Žąsūgala mound (Luokė sub district)
• Debesnai botanic path (Graužai village)
• Vembūtai mound (Vydmantai village)
• Lopaičiai mound (Rietavas municipality)

• Rainiai memorial (massacre place, Rainiai chapel of martyrdom, Rainiai)
• Church of St. Trinity, sculpture of Blessed Virgin Mary and a cross (Viešvėnai)
• Biržuvėnai estate (Biržuvėnai)
• Šatrija mountain (Pašatrija village)
• J.Andriusevičius‘s museum (Gaulėnai)

• Rainiai memorial (massacre place, Rainiai chapel of martyrdom, Rainiai)
• Church of St. Trinity, sculpture of Blessed Virgin Mary and a cross (Viešvėnai)
• Pakapiai alkakalnis (Hill of Honour, Pakapiai village)
• Biržuvėnai estate (Biržuvėnai)
• Church of All Saints (Luokė)
• Viekšnaliai museum of regional studies (Viekšnaliai)

• Džiuginėnai estate, Džiugas mound (Džiuginėnai)
• Brėvikiai estate (Brėvikiai)
• Pasruoja alkakalnis (The hill of Lasses - „Panų kalnas“, Pasruoja village, The road is not suitable for bus transport)
• Menagerie (Laukstėnai village)

10. Shore of the Lake Mastis Shore of the Lake Mastis

Sculpture Park - Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts Faculty of Telsiai.
As the legend says, the giant Dziugas cried and created a lake Mastis. And every time we use this legend because it is so nice to look again and again at the intergenerational transmission of our historical treasures.
Others still tell that a great treasure sunk to the bottom of lake Mastis, and often what one person and what families really find here ...

Mastis lake shore is full of attractions: updated pedestrian and cycling trails, a modern lighting systemis installed, and fixed new benches.
Spending time on the bench, listening to the breaking waves at thelake shore, you can relax. Kids can swing on the playground seahorse or pour a sand castle. At that time, you can still admire the marina, the beach and you can survey the beauty of the Telsiai town in the horizon. In the evening, take a walk and enjoy the nocturnal town view.
Do you want to see, hear or try yourself to iron on the anvil being beaten nailed stone until it is transformed into a work of art? It tells the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts Faculty of Telsiai members who will accompany the following workshops in which students are taught the secrets of art.
After that you will be travelling to the sculpture park. Authors of these ideas - Prof. A. Žebrauskas and Assoc. O. Neniškis.
Developers–Applied Arts of Telsiai, Telsiai colleges of applied arts schools and Vilnius Academy of Arts Faculty of Telsiai graduates. Today Sculpture only began to form. It will be constantly updated with new student works to open the Telsiai Faculty of Fine education history since 1931. The authors of the park aim to make the park a bridge to the art and attract the most diverse audiences.
If you still have not found all the secrets, go to Rotonda, listen, and maybe hear a gleeful cry of Dziugas or feel the wind pouring grains of sand from his hands...
Let‘s meet on the bridge of lake Mastis!

11. The Tour "The impressive adornments of Telsiai town"

During this tour we will discover wonderful Telsiai town adornments. Let's travel together. And maybe even hid "Jew" on the walls of our town will bring happiness and money? Do you believe? If not we are sure that this tour will show that the capital of Samogitia is really special. Unriddle riddles, find treasures and wonders. Also sculptures, statues, are sure to be interesting, and the youngest tourists, who will find a game, will be able to pat a bear or stop along the way to taste the delicacies.

The tour takes place on foot. The first object – a bronze medal "The Code" (Market square 24, SEB bank wall) (1), where you will have to disclose the encoded information. Nearby – sculpture "The Bear's Paw" (Market Square, near to the tourist information center) (2). If you put your hand in a paw stamped on, you can be assured that you will be as strong and sturdy as a bear.

And now find Medal the magic Little Jews "sunk" in the bricks (Market Square 19, PC Maxima wall, Iždinės st. 11 High st. 3) (3, 4, 5). "They are stampe" in building bricks – if you rub your nose, it can really bring you money and wisdom. 

Now, let‘s turn to the sculpture "The Globe of Samogitia" (Market Square 17) (6), which shows the location of Samogitia, and Telsiai, just as the city of Rome, is located on seven hills.

Have you not see the hound in the Market Square? Do you think that the well only appeated to revive in 1905? If we stopped at the sculpture "Lithuanian hound‘" (Market square) (7), we would find out that the hound dog breed of the twentieth century nearly became distinct and Z. Goštautas from Telsiai preserved it. If you are thirsty, let‘s drink water from "Well of Town Hall" ( Market square) (8)

As can be see from the old town photo at a time from one side of the well horses were watered, and from the other – people drank. According to the old Telsiai town residents, Town Hall and the well water didn‘t dry out even during the worst drought. Let's go to the memorial condominium homes "The childhood yard clacked here" (Market square) (9) . The most favorite – sculpture – the game "Know the Capital of Samogitia" (Market square) (10) . Be sure to roll the iron ball during our tour. After that, find a table designed as a memorial for K. Petrauskas (Republic st. 4) (11). Before the war, the house restaurant, where a cozy cafe "Pitlius" is now located, it was often visited by the world famous tenor Kipras Petrauskas. In a café there is a turntable, so we can remember the past of this famous artist, and hear his songs and tasting delicious pastries and fragrant coffee.

Going up the hill where the hill slope of Insula is guarded by the Samogitia Great Wall (Republic st.) (12). We will find commemorated Samogitian important events in the art panels.

Try to rub the sculpture "Legend of Samogitia" (Republic st.) (13) nose of the bear. Believe me, it fulfills all the good wishes! We can go up the stairs. Just look under your feet – you will discover the town pavement markings (Cathedral square) (14). In the amazing Cathedral square only ensure to have enough time to look around: bronze urban layout for the blind people (Cathedral square) (15), listen to the flowing water at the memorial "The Fountain" (16). Nearby –Sculpture "School" (17) is a memorial for the first Telsiai town school, and let's not forget scluptures at the Gates of Fame in the Telsiai Cathedral (18), and the tour will end at St. Anthony of Padua Cathedral relief door (19).

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