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Country tourism homesteads

Gražina Gaižauskienė homestead

Pakapiai village, Viešvėnai sub district, Telšiai district
Tel. +370 444 43543, cell phone: +370 680 32924
E-mail: sodyba@xxx.lt ,

The homestead consists of 3 resorts: a separate house with bath and lounges (accommodating 12 people); sleeping cabin (accommodating 8 people); a large house with a party hall, kitchen and lounges. All the resorts have their own fireplace, BBQ (the distance among them is long enough).

The entrance into the resort is secured. In the homestead there are a lot of attractions for children, sport equipment. The homestead is situated in the territory of 12 ha landscape reserve. There are kept gene pool herd animals. There are 9 sacred places around.

It is an ideal place for serenity lover, families with children, and a cheerful company to have rest or celebrate. In summertime there are organized summer camps for children.

Homestead "Minavuonė"15__web_.jpg

Degučiai village, Ryškėnai sub district, Telšiai district
Cell phone +370 686 93373, +370 618 39679
E-mail: minavuone@gmail.com

The homestead covers 34 ha of lake, forest and meadows. We rent boats and fishing equipment.

On the bank of the lake it is built a bathhouse with a banquet hall for 24 persons, and above the bathhouse there is a bedroom for 6 persons.

We offer to stay in the cottage nearby the forest; through the windows you can see a beautiful view to the lake.

We rent a house with a banquet hall and a fireplace for 30 persons, there is a large kitchen, where you can cook, and upon your request the hostess will cook for you. On the second floor there are 2 rooms, accommodating four persons each, a lounge with a TV set. The house has all facilities: hot water, shower, washing machine.

The visitors can stay with their own tents. There are fireplaces, prepared wood, swimming place.

There are football, basketball grounds, we rent balls, bicycle, ping – pong.

We kindly invite to visit the homestead “Minavuonė”, escape from the city noise and enjoy the serenity of nature.

Adelė Mickevičienė homestead

Buišai village, Tryškiai sub district, Telšiai district (homestead is situated nearby the Šiauliai – Palanga highway).
Cell phone: +370 616 7288, +370 656 50444
E-mail: guobos@gmail.com


It is a comfortable place for those going on business. Excellent communication.

There are 6 rooms with all facilities, accommodating two persons each, a bathhouse with pool. Nearby the homestead there is river Virvytė, there are two pools, where you can fish, swim.

The homestead is suitable for parties: anniversaries, birthdays, meetings, weddings. There is a spacious sitting – room with fireplace, good kitchen. 

Homestead "Pastogė"

Patumšaliai village, Viešvėnai sub district, Telšiai district
Cell phone: +370 675 43997

In the homestead there are 2 rooms, accommodating 2 persons, a bathhouse, a banquet hall, accommodating 30 persons, bicycles, fishing.

Homestead "Kaimo rojus" Kaimo_rojus.jpg

Syderiai village, Viešvėnai sub district, Telšiai district.
Cell phone: +370 685 01602
E-mail. sherifas@gmail.com, www.kaimorojus.lt

AUKSINIO ELNIO DVARASGolden Deer Homestead5_gandrai.jpg
Golden Deer Homestead

Rapaliai village, Telšiai district
Cell phone: +370 616 49253
E-mail: auksiniselnias@gmail.com, www.auksiniselnias.lt

Near Telšiai, in the village of Rapaliai Mansion "Golden Deer" stands out not only its unique location, spicy and fine kitchen, but also offers a sauna and a refreshing cool water of the river Virvytė.

Antique-style mansion has 20 rooms with TV, three of them are suites with kitchen facilities and fireplace. Apartments are not only comfortable but also the interior is made from organic materials. Harmonious 50 seats restaurant Interior is made from natural wood and blacksmith's art.
A 100-seat conference room perfectly made to satisfy even the most demanding customer expectations.
We offer Zou just to escape from the Rush of the City to the Mansion "Golden Deer", that offers to celebrate wedding, New Year and other holidays.

P. Bagočiaus homestead

Presentation1 BAGOCIU SODYBA_1.jpg

Survilai 6A, Viešvėnai eldership. Telšiai district.

Cell phone: 8 605 01206

E-mail: p.bagocius@gmail.com


Services: hall rent, homestead with bedrooms, bathhouse rent, tub rent, trampoline.

General information: homestead holds up to 25 persons. In homestead there is outdoor and indoor toilets, shower, kitchen/bar, gas-stove, microwave, fridge, TV, projector. Otherwise you will be in nature but with all conveniences.

Outdoor entertainment: trampoline, volleyball court, swing, sandbox, fireplace/barbecue.

Catering. You can bring your food and cook in the kitchen or you can order from cafe. 

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