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Cognitive pathes

Jomantai forest, Viešvėnai sub district, Telšiai district

Jomantai forest path meanders through Jomantai forest, Varniai forestry. This forest is pa part of Varniai Regional Park. There are plenty of natural monuments – Jomantai oak and Triliemenis (three-trunk) oak, Jomaintai rock, a unique lake Aklaežeris (Vokštelis), in which water level changes every year due to its water feed properties. The main purpose of Jomantai forest path is cognitive: familiarisation with the forest, its natural resources, inhabitants, benefits that forest grants to people, the forester’s job, works done in the forest, ancient traditions.

The path is divided into several conditional parts: “Miško dievų buveinė” (“The Dwelling of Forest Gods”), “Medžiofono aikštelė” (“The Tree-Phone Ground”), “Kliūčių ruožas” (“The Obstacle Course”), “Sūpuoklių aikštelė” (“The Swing Ground”), “Juodųjų paslapčių takas” (“The Path of Black Mysteries”), “Inkilų alėja” (“The Alley of Birdhouses”), and “Zuikių mokyklėlė” (“ The Hares’ Little School”). Information stands and respite grounds are installed here and there. Different forest secrets and attractions will not let anyone get bored.

Graužai village, Varniai sub district, Telšiai district

Debesnai botanical path extends along the Valley of Varnelė River. The purpose of this path is to familiarise the visitors of the park with the unique variety of lowland moor vegetation, prevailing species and their communities. The length of the route is about 2 km. You will find 12 stops on this path, where descriptions and pictures of local plants are presented. About twenty species of plants included in the Red Book of Lithuania grow in Debesnai telmological reserve.

Džiuginėnai forest, Ryškėnai sub district, Telšiai district

The main purpose of the path is to familiarise visitors with the forest vegetation and use the path for active recreation. Telšiai population likes the resort place in Germantas landscape reserve near Ilgis Lake. The cognitive path for walking around Ilgis Lake was installed in 2005. The path is paved with wood boards, a survey platform on the piles overlooks the lake.

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