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ŽVĖRINČIUS (Nuotraukos aut. T.Lekavičius)

Laukstėnai village, Telšiai district
Cell phone: +370 686 33137

Žvėrinčius has been founded in 1996 in Ubiškė forestry, aiming to get the cociety acquainted with the wild animals‘ life. Here is made a 14,7 ha fence in the forest for boars, fallow – deers, moufflons and there is a 2,4 ha lot in the forest for wolves. In the beginning of 2006 in Žvėrinčius there have lived 2 brown bears, 2 boars, 8 fallow – deers, 3 wolves, 9 moufflons, 7 lynxes, a hind. For the visitors comfort of observing the wild animals life there have been erected two panorama platforms and an arbour, made a playing ground for children, erected an oak with the nesting – boxes and a stand with the descriptions of the most widespread beasts and birds in Lithuania.
(Nuotraukos aut. T.Lekavičius)

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