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Varniai Regional Park

Ožtakiai village, Varniai sub district, Telšiai district Nuotraukos aut. R.Kinčius
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E-mail: varniuparkas@gmail.com 

In the Varniai regional park you will see the most magnificent mounds of Samogitia, remembering the times of battles with the crusaders and Knights of the Sword (Šatrija, Girgždūtė, Moteraitis, Sprūdė, Vembūtai mound etc.), the largest natural lake of Samogitia – Lūkstas. This is the only one lake in Lithuania, which wawes throw amber on the coast. There is a multitude of sacral architecture monuments, original monuments of the wooden architecture. Unique kūlgrinda of Sietuva, Debesnai botanic path, Spiginas horn cognitive path. In the Pabiržulis archeologic reservation by the Biržulis lake there have been discovered around 50 settlements of the stone age, necropolises with the traces of Kunda, Narva, Indoeuropeans‘ and the later cultures. In Varniai regional park you will also find the thickest oak in Telšiai district – Skliausčiai oak (diameter 1,8 m). The originality of Varniai regional park is determined by the unique lakes, a great deal of swamps, having a rich biologic variety and a platteau “cap“, left by the ice ages, from them reveals the beauty of the Samogitia‘s landscape.

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