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mob. 370 618 63448, e-mail: turizmocentras@telsiai.lt , www.telsiaitic.lt

About us

IMG_7240.jpgPublic institution Samogitia tourism information centre is not a profit seeking institution, which work is performing the activity related to providing of charged and free tourism information services in Telšiai circuit for Lithuanian Republic and foreign citizens.  

The main aim of Tourism information centre is collecting, accumulating and providing free information about famous localities and objects in Telšiai to the tourists and Telšiai town guests.  

The main activity of Tourism information centre:

  • collects, accumulates, prepares and provides free information about tourism services and other tourism resources;
  • prepares, publishes and distributes information and cartographic editions about tourism services and other tourism resources;
  • accumulates the represented locality’s tourism resources and tourism services data and provides this information to the Department;
  • performs other activity, determined in the regulations, related to providing of tourism information services;
  • accumulates statistic information about the visitors of Tourism information centre and each month delivers the determined form reports to the Department;
  • gives suggestions to the municipalities, circuits and Department regarding the tourism development;
  • after making agreements with the providers of services, sells airline tickets;
  • sells different editions, souvenirs, folk artists’ items, Lithuanian and Samogitian flags.  

In the Tourism information centre we sell: Souvenirs

  • postcards
  • books
  • airline tickets
  • T – shirts with Lithuanian attribute
  • Souvenirs with Telšiai, Samogitian heraldry
  • Ceramics
  • Tourist maps
  • Lithuanian and Samogitian flags  

There are provided guide services  

Hours of attendance:

Monday – Thursday – 8.00 – 17.30
Friday – 8.00 – 16.15
Saturday and Sunday - 10:00 - 15:00

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